So you’re looking to move in Norway

Hey, long time no blag.

My other half and I are looking to relocate, which means spending lots of time on trying to find the perfect house. One of our main criteria is travel distance to work, as I imagine is the case for most people. Lucky for us, we both work in the same area, which makes figuring that part out quite easy. Now, FINN has some nifty features that can help with this, but all of them will move you away from the page you’re browsing, or open in a new tab, or take you to google maps or something. Super useful if you’re only looking at one property, but that is most decidedly not how we do things around here.

Just a few tabs

Can’t go opening another tab for each of those tabs to see which is closer to work, cant follow links and get lost and possibly lose the best one out there. So what’s a poor web developer to do?

Dark Mode
It’s a chrome extension

I made a chrome extension. It’s not in the “app store”, you’ll have to go to chrome://extensions and turn on developer mode so you can load the unpacked extension yourself. Once you have it installed it’s pretty self explanatory, set your work address, then start finding trips to work by searching in the From address field.

But that’s not all! This extension was made for So if you’re viewing an ad for a house/appartment/box on FINN, the extension will automatically use the metadata on the page to grab the coordinates of your dream home, and look up the trip right away, no interaction required!

That’s it for me for now. I got to play with two Norwegian public APIs to make this, one to look up addresses and turn them into GPS coordinates, which was just plain old REST from Cool stuff, but hardly revolutionary. The second one was from, which really surprised me. They have a fully fleshed out graphql API! Documentation was a bit sparse, but with your standard igraphql browser “IDE”, we got there.

I’ve started to take note of the different Norwegian services that expose public APIs, and I’m definitely pleasantly surprised by what’s out there. Just look around and ye shalt finde coole shit.


PS: I’ve been postponing blogging because I’ve been working on replacing WordPress with some homebrew solution. It’s getting there, but I have a job and a house hunt to deal with, so don’t hold your breath.